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We use best raw materials from Tuscany region of Italy for our shirts to produce luxury level quality. In clothing industry its only possible with Italian textiles. They use superior raw materials for their textiles and they closely monitor the milling process, which results in finest wieving. Adding centuries of experiences results in the the best fabric you can find on the market.

Our shirts are designed with everyday wear in mind, ensuring a pleasurable tactile experience. You can count on our products to be non-itchy and free of discomfort. You won't have to worry about over sweating whether you're outside in warm weather or indoors at a party. Our focus on comfort and functionality means you can confidently wear our shirts for any occasion, knowing you'll feel great and look stylish.

Our brand stands for quality and durability. We choose high-grade Italian textiles, well-known for their lasting performance. These fabrics are made with precision printing techniques, ensuring our designs stay vibrant even after many washes. Our careful sewing process further strengthens each garment. Our shirts aren't simply clothing items; they're a commitment to enduring style and comfort.

We are a Ukrainian-based brand, and our production facility is based in Zhitomir, a city located in the western part of our country. While Ukraine is not renowned for its clothing industry, we are proud to employ some of the world's finest seamstresses. By purchasing from us, you not only support the local economy of Ukraine but also contribute to our charitable efforts. We allocate a portion of our revenue to humaniterian help for those who were affected by the war.